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Home Cinema Room Design & Installation, Lancashire

Within a luxurious and spacious Lancashire home, we were given the task of designing and building a dedicated 12 seater cinema for our client and his loved ones to enjoy.  

This home cinema was enclosed within a dedicated room, giving a true ‘at the pictures’ feel, also meaning that we could mould this space into something quite special. The finishing touches, such as the incredibly comfortable reclining leather seats, the LED lighting and Dolby surround sound system exudes luxury and an eye for detail. 



Sony 4K HDR ceiling mounted projector

Choosing the best equipment is a big part of creating a home cinema you will love. 

This cinema room is fitted with a 4500mm x 1830mm Acoustic Pass Through screen and Sony 4K HDR projector for superior imaging.  The projector is discreetly stored in the ceiling when not in use, meaning the room can be used for simply relaxing when not watching films, television shows, or indeed anything you choose. 

The room functions are controlled by a Multi Room controller, which allows the client to operate the cinema as easily as using a TV.  The cinema, various TV inputs such as Sky TV and Apple TV, sound in the Cinema room and around the home, LED lighting (running through the pillars, floor and coffers) and the Starscape Infinity Star Ceiling panels are all operable from the controller. 


We understand how important the sound quality is and that it matches the stunning visuals on the 190inch screen. We chose the best amplifier to power a 7.1 Dolby ATMOS surround sound system, which includes in-wall Definitive Technology subwoofers, in-wall surround sound speakers and 2 ceiling speakers for a truly 3D feel.

The sound matches the professional audio you would hear in a movie theatre. Our engineers precisely configured the settings, EQ and balance the audio, making sure the sound is fantastic no matter where you sit. 

Take a look at our photographs and video of the completed project, to see the finished look. Get in touch if you have any enquiries as to how you can fit a cinema into your own home.  We always represent high quality and competitive prices - use the contact form here. 

Within a luxurious and spacious Lancashire home, we were given the task of designing and building a dedicated 12 seater cinema for our client and his loved ones to enjoy. This home cinema was enclosed within a dedicated room, giving a true ‘at the pictures’ feel, also meaning that we could mould this space into something quite special. The finishing touches, such as the incredibly comfortable reclining leather seats, the LED lighting and Dolby surround sound system exudes luxury and an eye for detail.

Intelligent Home Control System

Network Cable Infrastructure.

As with many impressive new build properties the one are that had been overlooked was a network infrastructure around the house, something See-AV advocate with all new build clients.

With some tricky cable routing (causing very little disruption to already decorated rooms) and plenty of wi-fi hotspots we managed to secure a network to allow wireless and hard wired control of the installed equipment.

Pioneer Blu-ray Home Cinema.

The main family room had the delights of a 65″ Pioneer Plasma with Pioneer Receiver and Blu-ray player along with Apple TV and Sky HD, using the wonderfully sounding Speakercraft in wall and in ceiling loudspeakers and a discrete but powerful Subwoofer giving a wonderful home cinema experience.

Control4 Smart Solutions.

Control4 smart home solutions gave our client full control of CCTV, Music, Video Sky HD, Apple TV and lighting control around there impressive new home using iPad app & Control4 remote controllers.

Our client had recently acquired this newly built Harrogate Country House, See-AV were recommended by one of the companies carrying out work to the house. Our client wanted to have streaming music both internally and in the gardens (for those hot summer nights), High Definition Video, CCTV and lighting control where their other main priorities.

Twycross Zoo AV and Lighting Control

Twycross Zoo was founded in 1963 near the village of Twycross in Leicestershire. In 1972 it became a charitable trust (The East Midland Zoological Society). The zoo attracts around 500,000 visitors a year. Twycross is notable for having the largest collection of primate species of any zoo in the world, outside Japan.

In September 2007, Twycross Zoo announced that it had received a grant of £3 million from the East Midlands Development Agency which helped it to achieve its fundraising target for a new £11 million visitor centre. The project transformed the main entrance to the zoo and features an eco-friendly building containing a gift shop, conference room, cafeteria and information about the zoo’s conservation work. The development also features a new enclosure for snow leopards and a large aviary. Construction started towards the end of 2008 and opened to the public in April 2010.

The project was completed by PV Audio Video, the Commercial arm of see-AV.

Client Brief

Our client wanted “state of the art” audio visual and lighting controls for visitors to experience a unique and desirable venue to host public and corporate events, as well as creating an environment that reflects the modern approach the zoo has taken with regards to the architectural design of the building.

Working with PV Audio Video

Working with PV Audio Video is a consultative experience; we take a brief only as an outlined goal. The real answer lies in talking, listening and working closely with the client to determine the future aims and uses of the system. PV Audio Video is ideally placed to present all of the appropriate options to a client both technical and non-technical to optimise the final project specification.

Our Approach

As part of the development of the new £11 million Himalaya Visitor Centre, PV Audio Video were asked to design, supply and install the audio visual and lighting control systems to key areas. The areas we were initially asked to cover were the visitor centre dining area, information desk digital signage and the purpose built conferencing suite with audio visual facilities and fully automated AV control. As the project progressed and our working relationship developed our client asked us to design and install further systems to other areas of the Zoo.

PV Audio Video worked closely with the client to design and provide the optimum system to meet both their current brief and future requirements and deliver high quality audio visual systems within the client’s budget whilst meeting exacting installation and health & safety standards. We designed and presented a number of appropriate systems to demonstrate to the client the various technologies available to them, with particular emphasis on key areas required within the new building.

Digital Signage

To fulfil our client’s requirements to provide digital signage displays to show electronic information, messaging and animation at various locations of the visitor centre and zoo, Onelan digital signage systems were specified to control the displays. Panasonic and Sanyo IP rated plasma and LCD screens were chosen for their image quality and ruggedness. The Onelan digital signage system provides a simple interface for the images to be changed with ease by the members of staff. Twycross were so impressed with the system, its capabilities and commercial benefits that it is has now been rolled out across the zoo.

Public Address System

A PA system was installed to the main visitor centre for public announcements, background music corporate events, seminars and public speakers and distributing the sound throughout the building. We provided a distributed speaker system powered by Cloud amplification and Community loudspeakers.

DMX Effects Lighting Control

Within the main visitor centre, featured displays required subtle lighting for evening and winter opening. Colour Wash LED’s and Gobo Projection moving head effects lights were installed both provided with DMX Control.

Key Benefits

PV Audio Video has played an integral part in the success of Twycross Zoo’s new £11m Visitor Centre. The facilities on offer create a modern and unique environment for their visitors to enjoy. The Visitor Centre provides an innovative and stunning venue for public and corporate events.

PV Audio Video ongoing relationship with Twycross Zoo

Our ongoing relationship with Twycross Zoo has gone from strength to strength, PV Audio Video are the preferred supplier for all structured cabling including fibre optics and AV technology to all areas of the zoo, these include the Education Centre where PV Audio Video have provided the latest generation of Smart Whiteboards along with Smart Response voting systems and wireless tablets to allow student interaction. Mipro Portable Outdoor PA system has been supplied so the zoo tour guides can give informative talks to visitors at all areas of the zoo. The newly constructed Elephant Shack Education Centre features both internal and external audio and video to walkways and learning centre.

Find out more about Twycross Zoo

Visit the Twycross Zoo Website for more information on their facilities.

3D Home Cinema Installation

Our clients brief for this recently extended North Leeds residence initially was to have a family cinema room within their newly designed day room, as the decor was almost complete we had the task of designing a very discrete 3D home cinema installation with minimum disruption.

Working with the client and their interior designer a whole new feature wall and dropped ceiling was designed to allow flush fitting of the 3 metre recessed Beamax Projection Screen, for this 3D movie mad family we chose the newly launched Panasonic PT- AE5000 3D Projector mounted in a Pure Theatre Compact motorized projector lift to produce an incredibly discreet system which when not in use disappears completely.

Our loudspeaker choice was an easy one as our client wanted to retain his Bowers & Wilkins floor standing loudspeakers which we voice matched with a HTM61centre speaker (which was built into the newly formed wall), an ASW610 Subwoofer and a pair of CCM65 in ceiling rear speakers all by B & W. Amplification and Processing by way of Onkyo TX-SR809. Sources where Sony BDS570 Bluray with Sky HD, the system control by way of Control 4 HC300 with iPad app.

High Definition TV Distribution

After successful completion of the 3D Cinema Room our client wanted the facility to have High Definition TV Distribution to all rooms of the house, this was achieved by using an 8 way HDMI matrix distributing signal over Cat 5, using latest UTP base T balums, this allowed distribution of 2 sky HD receivers and Bluray DVD and Apple TV to any of the TV’s.

All the house technology is connected to the internet network so that when new firmware is available for TV, bluray DVD, Sky HD etc equipment is automatically updated. Music around the house is provided by Sonos and operates with Control 4 and iPad apps.

Security and CCTV

Second phase of this install was to provide security to the house using very latest technology from Texecom’s Ricochet wireless mesh network alarm system to produce an almost cable free house alarm providing full coverage to all areas of the property.

CCTV cameras with Both internal and external where installed complete with remote monitoring facility for iPad, iPhone and PC to offer maximum security. Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras track any unwanted intruders to the grounds of the house. so precise are the PTZ cameras they are also used to watch at close range all the wildlife that live around the grounds of the house.

Home Automation and Media Room Installation

Home Automation and Media Room Installation within a magnificent colonial style residence converted into a self contained luxurious guest suite and entertainment centre. Our brief was to achieve simple control of the lighting, heating and entertainment within the coach house.

For the main lounge we installed a Sony 65″ LCD TV and Blu-ray DVD player, to compliment this superb package we installed the Onkyo TX-NR5009 THX Ultra AV Receiver, this gave us the opportunity to use its multi-room capability to provide amplification for the kitchen and upper mezzanine floor of the coach house, the speaker package used was the highly rated B&W MT60 5.1 package in white.

A Control 4 home automation system seamlessly operates the lighting, heating, music and video in the coach house, with its easy to operate and intuitive iPad interface any guest will be in total control of the system with the touch of a button.

Home Cinema Room Installation, Cheshire

Our clients brief for this Cheshire residence was to convert a loft room into a dedicated High Definition Home Cinema Room with in wall and ceiling discreet loudspeakers and an electrically operated screen which when not in use disappears into the ceiling.

As the screen and in wall loudspeakers where going to be installed into as solid wall we suggested and then built an acoustically damped false wall to recess the screen and loudspeakers into, this kept the lines of the room clean, simple and clutter free.
We chose the In Focus IN81 1080P High Definition DLP Projector. Using the highly acclaimed Speakercraft MT range of in wall loudspeakers, a pair of Revel B12 subwoofers, Primare Spa22 AV Receiver and the award winning Pioneer BDP-71 Blu-ray DVD Player brought this impressive 7.1 Home Theatre to life.

To control our clients dedicated Cinema Room we used Rako lighting system with wall and remote dimmers combined with a cost effective Logitech Harmony Remote Controller with RF extenders for the Rako lighting and all the other components within the system.

See-AV were then commissioned to install CCTV cameras around the property with remote monitoring and network control facility for iPad, iPhone and PC, Using Videcon H264 Real Time Recorder to give complete access to all recorded CCTV images.

Home Cinema Installation, Wetherby

See-AV were recommended by one of our existing and very satisfied clients to transform a large ground floor snug in this superbly appointed country residence near Linton Wetherby, we worked with the client and their architect to ensure that this family High Definition Cinema Room was both tasteful and discreet.

Recessed In Ceiling Projection Screen

Both the screen and in wall loudspeakers where going to be installed into a solid wall, See-AV designed with the builder a new ceiling (with the joists going in the right direction) and false wall to allow an Othello line recessed electric projection screen to be flush mounted in the new ceiling and the in wall loudspeakers to be flush mounted too.

Panasonic High Definition Projector

We chose the Panasonic PT AE4000 1080P High Definition LCD Projector. Using the highly acclaimed Speakercraft AIM range of in wall and in ceiling loudspeakers, the uniquely designed Anthony Gallo MPS150 Subwoofer, Onkyo TX NR-708 THX certified AV Receiver and the award winning Onkyo BD-SP308 Blu-ray DVD Player brought this impressive 5.1 Home Theatre to life.

Control4 HC200 Home Cinema Controller

To automate our clients dedicated Cinema Room we used a Rako Wireless lighting system operated by in wall and remote dimmers and integrated with a Control4 HC200 Home Theatre Controller.

Intelligent Home Control System, Yorkshire

Our client had recently purchased this large Country House along with the three adjoining cottages in the beautiful Lower Wharfedale area of Yorkshire, the plan being too redesign the interiors of the four properties and create one very large and Grand Country Residence.

Whole House Intelligent Control

See-AV where commissioned to design a whole house intelligent control system capable of operating Electric Gates, CCTV, Lighting, HD Video, Media Distribution, Music internally and externally throughout the House and Grounds.

Control4 Smart Home System

Control4 was our product of choice giving sufficient processing power required to carry out the task ahead, combining its excellent home automation control both wirelessly and hard wired allowed us to reach some of the external buildings such as the Gazebo, Tractor shed and large garden areas.

Rako Wireless Lighting Control

Rako intelligent lighting control was chosen to allow control of all the internal lighting, this included 55 circuits of lighting with 26 on wall lighting controllers, as the on wall controllers are completely wireless this allowed for very easy installation and positioned exactly where the client most needed them. Rako works seamlessly as a standalone system, or as in this intelligent home it is also controlled by the Control4 Home Automation.

Future Automation Picture Lift

Using Future Automation the market leader in automated screen mounts gave us the opportunity to add some interesting options to the viewing of screens, we used a picture lift to disguise the screen in the formal dining room so when not in use all that is seen is one of the attractive pieces of artwork that adorn the walls of this stunning residence, the drawing room and master bedroom also feature electric TV supports.

Remote CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance with high quality cameras and digital recording combined with active controlled external floodlighting offers peace of mind security, the house and grounds are monitored both in the house on all screens and can be viewed remotely from almost anywhere around the world.

Grade 11 Listed Intelligent Home

Our clients brief for this superbly appointed York residence was to have distribution of high definition 3D video via 4 Sky HD receivers with full control of all channels, our task involved the re-routing and running of new cable to many distribution points and providing a network to allow devices in most rooms to have internet access around this Grade 11 listed property.

Pioneer iControlAV app

Within one of the newly designed ground floor day rooms we installed a new home cinema system, to compliment the décor using the chic Anthony Gallo A’diva 5.1 surround system enabled us to incorporate our own design feel to this elegant “Brown Room”. For Amplification and Blu-ray DVD we used the superb Pioneer VSX receiver coupled with the BDP 440 3D Blu-ray player, sitting them on the house network allowed us to control the overall system using the Pioneer iControl iPad app which works seamlessly with the AV system.

Discreet Cable Solution

During the project we also extended the house CCTV camera system running both internal and external cable, using 4″ sealed external pipe from the cellar to the roof line to seamlessly blend in get rid of those awful looking external cables often seen on some of the best properties.

Sonos iPad Control

The chosen (rest of house audio system) was by way of Sonos which we hard wired into the newly installed house network, this allowed the Sonos system easy connection to the Buffalo NAS drive music server and to all Sonos internet radio services. Using iPad,s and iPhones made for a simple to operate supply of music.

Crestron Home Automation System

Our clients’ brief for this stunning and spacious North Leeds residence was to have an Crestron home automation system that is both future proofed and capable of expanding to take in further development of this large family home.

There had already been a “Smart Home System” installed in the house however much to the clients disappointment and frustration the system wasn’t too clever and had never performed as it had been promised to. The control equipment and the installation company were no longer available, unfortunately this not too clever smart home system had become obsolete.

However we were fortunate to use most of the cable infrastructure that had been put in place, equipment such as amplifiers, loudspeakers etc were all of very good quality and ready to perform has intended. using latest HD over Cat5 matrix we were able to give full 1080p high definition 3D distribution to all TV’s.

Crestron smart home solutions gave this happy client full control of music & video via iPad and Crestron remote controllers. Much to our clients delight they now have a “Very Smart Home System” that will control all there entertainment requirements for a very long time to come.