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A Home Multi Room Audio installation enables listeners to enjoy music in any designated room in the house at the touch of a button, usually through in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. The music is stored and then distributed from a storage device such a hard drive, network storage device or a music server along with the main ‘brain’ of the system.

Home Audio Systems generally allow users to play music in every room, or different choices in different rooms. ‘Playlists’ and ‘Favourites’ can be programmed so that every member of the family can enjoy their own music whenever and wherever they decide. Often, existing music libraries can be integrated into the new system from music programs such as iTunes. When music is stored on a hard drive or similar device, the system accesses this to them to play or listen to music, eliminating messy and bulky CD boxes.

Within our specified Home Audio/Multiroom Audio Systems, we use all the latest technology including music and video servers, touch panels and wireless handheld remote controls, so that on a single command, you can change album, track or select a different audio source such as a tuner or music server. Because all the equipment is centralised, there is no need to have separate hi-fi, speakers and wires trailing all over a room. Each specified room can have integrated speakers, usually in-ceiling or in wall (depending on the layout, surface mount maybe required in garden rooms or conservatories etc) and a method of control from either a wall mounted touch panel or a wireless handheld remote control.

We can also enable a wall mounted iPod ‘dock’ to be used, so that for guests can listen to their own music collection in the guest bedroom whilst they’re staying at your house, through their own iPod. Whether it’s a bedroom, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, sunroom, snug or an outdoor area, we can provide a Multi-Room Audio Installation with anything from 4 zones up to over 30 separate zones of stereo audio.