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Digital Signage See-AV

Digital Signage Improves Communications.

Digital Signage is a very influential method for communicating your companies message in the 21st Century, offering significant benefits and cost savings over traditional printed posters and notice boards. Digital signage can accomplish in a few seconds something that traditional posters and notice boards often fail to do, catch the eye of busy passing people for just a few seconds with moving images and tailored messages.


Retailers are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract and engage with customers. Digital adverts are more eye catching than traditional printed posters and can be deployed instantly rather than in days or weeks. Industry research over the last 10 years has proved the effectiveness of digital advertising and made a strong return on investment.


Digital signage can accomplish something in a few seconds that traditional signage normally fails to do, catch the eye of busy staff passing the sign for just a few seconds with informative images. Businesses are also introducing digital signage to influence staff behaviour, inform both staff and visitors as well as establish a strong corporate culture and brand identity.


The Education sector is introducing technology within the education environment at all levels. With digital signage the means of presenting information is very varied and can include video, flash animation, moving text, alternating images, RSS feeds and live TV. Through the use of screens placed in reception areas, staff rooms, canteens and boarding houses Digital Signage is a proven method to communicate to pupils, students, staff and guests.


Digital signage is transforming interactions with customers in the leisure industry, enhancing their experiences and at the same time building profit margins for operators. While audiences become more sophisticated it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold their attention. Digital signage can attract the attention of customers instantly; through strategically placed screens and a content strategy targeted at specific segments of your audience to maximise impact.

Healthcare & Hospitals

There are numerous applications for digital signage in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, clinics and dentists to name but a few. There is no shortage of data in healthcare facilities; the challenge is making that information usable. By combining a visual medium such as digital signage with an effective information delivery system, existing data can be utilised to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency and the quality of service provided.