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Within a luxurious and spacious home, we were given the task of designing and building a dedicated 12 seater cinema for our client and his loved ones to enjoy.  

This home cinema was enclosed within a dedicated room, giving a true ‘at the pictures’ feel, also meaning that we could mould this space into something quite special. The finishing touches, such as the incredibly comfortable reclining leather seats, the LED lighting and Dolby surround sound system exudes luxury and an eye for detail. 


Choosing the best equipment is a big part of creating a home cinema you will love.  

This cinema room is fitted with a 4500mm x 1830mm Acoustic Pass Through screen and Sony 4K HDR projector for superior imaging.  The projector is discreetly stored in the ceiling when not in use, meaning the room can be used for simply relaxing when not watching films, television shows, or indeed anything you choose. 

The room functions are controlled by a Multi Room controller, which allows the client to operate the cinema as easily as using a TV.  The cinema, various TV inputs such as Sky TV and Apple TV, sound in the Cinema room and around the home, LED lighting (running through the pillars, floor and coffers) and the Starscape Infinity Star Ceiling panels are all operable from the controller. 


We understand how important the sound quality is and that it matches the stunning visuals on the 190inch screen. We chose the best amplifier to power a 7.4.2 immersive Dolby ATMOS surround sound system, which includes in-wall Definitive Technology subwoofers, in-wall surround sound speakers and 4 ceiling speakers for a truly 3D feel.

The sound matches the professional audio you would hear in a movie theatre. Our engineers precisely configured the settings, EQ and balance the audio, making sure the sound is fantastic no matter where you sit. 

Take a look at our photographs and video of the completed project, to see the finished look. Get in touch if you have any enquiries as to how you can fit a cinema into your own home.  We always represent high quality and competitive prices – Call and speak to one of team for more information: 01565 756 111

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