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Every Home Automation installation we design is unique and can be as creative as our clients’ minds (and budgets) allow us, from simple systems which control audio, video and lighting to systems that integrates the control of your heating, blinds & curtains, air conditioning, doors and gates.

Wall mounted or free standing intelligent touch screens or keypads enable you to control a device or task immediately, or to adjust settings to the whole control system to suit your requirements, whether its adjusting heating or lighting levels. We can even program a system to give the appearance that you are at home turning on the lights and opening and closing the curtains and blinds, when in fact you’re miles away enjoying the sun on a distant beach! We can even go to the extent of programming a system so that as you arrive home, the system detects this and automatically illuminates house and driveway lighting, turns the TV channel to Sky Sports, and adjusts the heating to a comfortable level.

Home Automation Systems allow you to control a wide range of devices once programmed from either a keypad, a wall mounted touch screen, free standing touch screen or even a wireless tablet or wireless remote control.

We use products from some of the world leading manufacturers to create solutions which really bring together all of your heating, lighting, security and entertainment systems on one simple to use touch screen.

With so many people becoming more aware of the effects of excessive energy used in the home has on the environment, some of our systems can help reduce the amount of energy used in the home by managing their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to work at optimum levels whilst reducing their overall usage. Again, all this can be done from either a touch panel or from the comfort of your chair from a wireless remote control or even over the internet whilst you are away from the property.

Our team of experts are able to not only design a home automation installation, but also program and configure it so that gives you the client, exactly what you need from it.