Trafford Housing Trust

Rretractable Projection Screen

We recently worked installing an AV system at the Trafford Housing Trust in Salford, Greater Manchester. They wanted a way to host and present in their Bistro area which wouldn’t affect the functionality of the existing space.

Importantly the presentations had to be viewable from all areas of the room so we began with a Sapphire 2.4 metre retractable projection screen at the front of the room with the projector midway across the room for a 16:10 throw, which also retracts discreetly into the ceiling.

To complement the main display we also installed two 49 inch 4k HDR Panasonic screens on either side of the room so anyone towards the rear of the room could also view the content.

Wall-mounted HDMI input

For flexibility we installed two hdmi input points to allow the presentations to run from the front or mid point of the room. These input points ran through an HDMI matrix to split the signal to the main projection screen and the two left and right 4k screens.

2 wireless hand held mics were used for room amplification reinforcement outputting through 4 100v ceiling speakers positioned for optimum sound reproduction.

For operation of the system we build a dedicated rack housing the mic receivers, amplifier and simple button control panel programmed to switch on the room system, lower and raise the projector and projection screen and switch to the desired signal input channel.

Please visit our blog for more information of the installation